Board of Directors

  • Cathy Weber-Colvin, President & Membership - Cathy Weber stumbled across Los Cerrillos when she ventured off Hwy 14 to quench her thirst at Mary’s Bar and grab a candy bar at Simoni’s Store. Wandering into the What-Not-Shop and the Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum, she was enchanted by the residents’ unique candor and the village’s quiet beauty. Cathy moved to the village in 1992 and soon met Jesse Colvin, a fellow vagabond Southerner. They courted, married, and raised their two children (not necessarily in that order) in Cerrillos. Cathy was a founding board member of Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos which helped in the original acquisition of the County Park that became the Cerrillos Hills State Park. 
  • Ann Murray, Vice President -  Ann Murray was born in Santa Rosa California. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where she met her life partner Ross Lockridge. They moved to Cerrillos in 1972. Ann has worked with Ross to protect this historic mining area and to transform it into parklands. She also helped to preserve Hwy 14, the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway. Ann paints, and makes ocarinas, an ancient form of sculpted clay flute.
  • Janet McVickar, Secretary - I’m a river and desert rat with a varied past as assistant curator of a private art collection (with a BA in Art and Art History), a white-water river guide, and mostly as an archaeologist. I was trained in archaeology at Pecos National Historical Park and worked as an archaeologist for several decades for private environmental companies, federal government, and the state of NM. During that time, I attended graduate school at Northern Arizona University and received a Masters of Science degree in a self-created multidisciplinary program in Archaeology and past climate and environmental studies. I’ve lived in NM for most of my life and consider it my true home. I love running rivers, hiking, gardening, and advocating for my community.
  • Kim Davis - For Kim Davis, it was love at first sight with the Cerrillos Hills State Park. Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Kim moved to Santa Fe in 2020. She immediately became an avid hiker, trail runner, and all around adventurer. However, out of all the beautiful places in New Mexico, her heart belongs to the Cerrillos Hills. She is honored to be able to serve the park she loves so much through promoting the park on social media and working with the rest of the Amigos.
  • Patricia Brown - Pat came to Cerrillos in 1971 and along with her husband Todd own & operate the Casa Grande Trading Post, Turquoise Mining Museum and Petting Zoo. This is her third term on the Board of Directors.


Steve Talbot, Treasurer - Steve Talbot has enjoyed hiking in the Cerrillos Hills Park since first moving to the area in 2005. He is happy to use his new degree in accounting to serve the state park and the Amigos.

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