Kodak America Greenway Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 16, 2000)


Cerrillos, New Mexico - The Cerrillos Hills Park Coalition received a national honor with a grant from the Kodak America Greenway Awards  Program in Arlington, VA. The $1,500 grant will help provide for the information kiosk at the entrance to the Cerrillos Hills Historic Park, the new 1,100 acre Santa Fe County open-space park located on the edge of the Village of Cerrillos about 25 miles south of Santa Fe. In addition to the grant award, the Cerrillos Hills Park Coalition will be showcased as a national model for its innovative efforts to develop a Santa Fe County greenway in the Cerrillos Hills.

The Kodak American Greenway Awards, administered by The Conservation Fund, provide small grants of up to $2,500 to non-profit organizations and government agencies to help develop new action oriented greenway projects. The Kodak Awards provide seed money to spark creativity in conservation, outdoor recreation, trail and greenway development.

The Cerrillos Hills Park Coalition is one of only 35 groups chosen nationwide for an award for their innovative local efforts to establish a dedicated environment, in this case in the Cerrillos Hills, where the people of New Mexico can both enjoy the beauties of nature and explore their multi-cultured history.

"This is a tremendous help to us," says Claire Fulenwider, Chair of the Cerrillos Hills Park Coalition. "Because the Hills have not until now been accessible and the Park is so large, we have been concerned about all our new visitors receiving  adequate and accurate information to guide their visits. This Kodak-Greenway kiosk will be a great way to acquaint everyone with what's out there and the uniqueness of the hills environment."

According to The Conservation Fund's Chairman of the Board, Patrick F. Noonan, "The projects selected this year represent some of the best grassroots conservation and greenway development efforts in the Untied States. TCF supports these local initiatives because they are thoughtful, action-oriented projects that will serve as models for other communities around the country."

The Kodak American Greenway Awards are made possible through the generous support of the Eastman Kodak Company. The Kodak American Greenway Awards Grants Review Committee consisted of conservation experts from around the country and was overseen by The Conservation Fund. The committee selected grant recipients from 199 applications from 32 states and the District of Columbia.

Since 1985, The Conservation Fund has protected more than 2 million acres of wildlife habitat, open space and historic sites, including land on 26 Civil War battlefields. The Fund's mission is to work with other nonprofit organizations,  public agencies, corporations and private landowners to safeguard America's land and water resources.

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