Board of Directors

  • Lori Woodcock, President/Secretary - Lori Woodcock moved to Cerrillos full time at the end of December 2013 after three years of part-time visiting.  She is retired from 35 years in the construction management industry.  Hobbies include traveling, swimming and cooking.

  • Wilbur "Pete" Peterson, Vice President - is a retired botanist from Tennessee. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Humboldt State University in California and his Ph.D. from the University of Edmonton, Alberta. He taught a variety of biology and botany courses at Cumberland University in Tennessee, one of which brought him to New Mexico every May for 15 years. He and other faculty members would expose a dozen or so college students to life in the Southwest with a focus on the northern pueblos.  Pete's wife, Anita, would often join him at the end of a trip for a brief vacation. As such, both became quite attached to the area and decided to relocate after Pete's retirement. Unfortunately Anita has not retired and is currently employed as CEO of Life Healing Center in Santa Fe. Pete currently volunteers his service to Cerrillos Hills State Park in an effort to document the flora.

  • Steve Talbot, Treasurer - Steve Talbot has enjoyed hiking in the Cerrillos Hills Park since first moving to the area in 2005. He is happy to use his new degree in accounting to serve the state park and the Amigos.

  • Patricia Brown - lives in Cerrillos with her husband Todd. Together they run the Casa Grande Trading Post, Turquoise Mining Museum and petting zoo which they opened in 1979.  She maintains the Amigo's website, is a member of the Cerrillos Historical Society and board member of the village Community Association and Turquoise Trail Association. 

  • Sherry Graeb, Member - Sherry worked in Human Resources for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing for 30 years and moved here when she retired. She loves New Mexico and our wonderful community and hopes to make a difference in the Village of Cerrillos and the Cerrillos Hills State Park.

  • Karen Stoll, Member - Karen Stoll first moved to New Mexico in 1977 and relocated to the Cerrillos area in 1993 after retiring as a librarian at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She enjoys volunteering at the Cerrillos Hills State Park Visitor Center and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

  • Ruth Fisher, Member - Ruth was introduced to this area when her husband was working on the "Wild Hoggs" movie and just kept coming back. She retired from Boeing in Long Beach, California after 39 years and immediately moved to her NM home.  After more than 40 years working and traveling with the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps motorcycle stunt team in her spare time, country-living was very welcome and Cerrillos Hills State Park is just the place to get back to nature. 

  • Sue Schneider, Member - Sue retired to the Village of Cerrillos from the SF Bay Area after a lifelong career in office management, database management, statistical analysis, and strategic planning. Sue loves Cerrillos and is a huge supporter of the Cerrillos Hills State Park. She was absolutely thrilled to be invited to be a member of the Board, and in her role is committed to supporting the Park Rangers as best she can. 

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